Taizé Evenings and prayer group

This year Pymble Catholic Parish will celebrate Taizé Evenings with Mass on selected Sunday evenings and with a Prayer Group on selected Friday evenings.

Taizé after Mass

The celebration will start with Mass at 6:00 pm followed by 1 hour of Taizé Prayer (starting at 7:00 pm). The mood is set by candlelight & quiet reflective music called Taizé chants which help to maintain a peaceful, prayerful atmosphere.

These Taizé Evenings will be celebrated on the following dates at Sacred Heart Church:
04 February 2018
06 May 2018
05 August 2018
04 November 2018

Taizé Prayer Group

Taizé Prayer Group will meet on the following Fridays at 7:30 pm at Sacred Heart Church:

02 March 2018
06 April 2018
01 June 2018
06 July 2018
07 September 2018
05 October 2018
07 December 2018

If you are interested in joining the group or wish to help in any way please contact the Parish Office.