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Speaker: Fr Bill Casey

Fr Bill Casey says he sometimes gets angry. Angry at the sins of the church. Angry at the fact that these sins were foreseen by many prominent Catholic figures of our past and yet their warnings were left unheeded. The damage it has caused to God’s church is horrendous. We are a church that is drowning in scandal and Fr Casey does not accept excuses. The time has come to confront these sins, be honest about why they occurred and rise up from the ashes to re-establish God’s church once more in truth, in love and in God’s glory! Fr Casey is blunt about what needs to be done, he challenges us to awake from our slumber of lukewarm Catholicism. A most inspiring and challenging talk for all Catholics and a lot of what he says he admits many will not want to hear.

This CD is currently available from the Catholic Media Stand at the back of Sacred Heart Church.
The CDs rotate from church to church every month or so.